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How to plan a perfect Proposal photosession in Stockholm.

Engagement photography Stockholm

It's super fun to catch this genuine moment of a proposal and save it as a memory many years after.

1. Choose time.

Once a client asked then is the best time to take take pictures?

Me: During the evening

Client: Every photographer say so!

It can't be more true that to say that light is much softer that in the day. Which makes the skin looks more natural. For real sunset pictures we need to start 1 hour before sunset. However if the scheduale doesn't allow that. During the day is absolutely possible to shoot with backlight and in the places with a lots of shadows.

engagement photography stockholm


2. Choose place. In stockholm we have a lot! Please read my article about location.

Some of my tips are skeppsholmen, riddarholmen, gamla stan, djurgården, monteliusvägen, fåfängan, ekerö, drottningholm etc. If it rains it's allways good to have plan B. One of those places is Stockholm City hall.

engagement photography stockholm

engagement stockholm

3. Trick your partner to put on some nice clothes.

If you are planing to have secret proposal suggest that you go to fine restaurang and you want you darling to match your close or coctail is a dresscode there. Clothes of lighter or brighter colour are to prefer.

proposal stockholm

4. Specific Spot.

It's super important to decide a specific time and place with the photographer. Let photographer choose a specific point which works specific time and propose on exactly that point. Send picture of you both before to the photographer.

bröllopsfotograf stockholm

5. Have fun and feel love. Don't forget that the nicest pictures comes from autentic expressions so it's super important to trust your photographer and fokus on showing emotion for each other.

engagement photography stockholm

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